Reanald Coot

Play write and bard


Reanald Coot is once again prickly the skin of those in the upper echelons of Cliffport society with a new play being scheduled to debut during Harvestide in two days time. Coot is known for his satire which almost exclusively mocks those of wealth and power. Some have called for his removal from Cliffport while others have called for the removal of his head. The Hegemon seems content to let him continue his plays if only because of their immense popularity amongst the lower and middle classes. This new play is supposed to use a new technique developed by Coot to exactly mimic those who he is parodying, not just their appearance as has been seen in the past, but also their voices. One would expect it to be a play about Garen Oseld’s crimes, Lieutenant Worth for his failure to catch any criminals of “Worth” lately, or Lady Tam who’s raucous parties and wealthy attendants are ripe for ridicule. No doubt whatever the plot, it will be a smashing success.


Reanald Coot

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