Gretchen Strew

Owner of the Thresher Brood


A large, scarred, blunt woman. She chews a form of tobacco and spits often. She eventually tries to be polite to those who spend a lot of money with her.

Ankheg: 1000gp per egg, 2000gp per adult.
A live Basalisk is worth 9,000 gp.
Hippogriff: 2000gp per egg, 3000gp per chick.
Giant Eagle: 2500gp per egg, 4000gp per chick.
Giant Owl: 2500gp per egg, 4000gp per chick.
Griffon: 3500gp per egg, 7000gp per young.
Hydra: Starts at 8000gp for the basic.
Krenshar: adult 500gp, young 1500gp
Shocker Lizard: 700gp live.
Sea Lion: 4000gp live.
Stirge: 200 gp live.
Wyvern: 2000gp egg, 7000gp live.
Boars: 100gp live.
Bear, Black: 300gp live.
Bear, Brown: 700gp live.
Giant Lizard: 500gp egg, 2000gp live.
Giant Octopus: 10,000gp live.
Giant Constrictor: 200gp egg, 3000gp live.

Gretchen Strew

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