In The Beginning...

Adventure Log!


Much Ado about Nothing
After initial confusion as to where to meet once their split attempts to get onto the island were successful. And Glug nearly freezing to death in the apothicarian’s house. They planned a much better entry.
The second attempt to get the items placed was well thought out and expertly executed…getting in was at least. Getting out on the other hand caused much more trouble. Skuggi slept in a barrel nearly freezing to death, Arvid slept in a damp cave nearly freezing to death, and Glug slept with a prostitute at an inn nice and cozy. One down side was Arvid leading the city guards to the secret entrance into the tunnels. They have effectively sealed it off since then.

Five more feet lads! We’re nearly there!
After doing cursory research on the defenses of the Keep the group decided the ingredients for success were a small fishing boat, a pregnant dwarf woman, and a spell that would make her think she was giving birth. After getting on the island, the woman was taken to an apothocary. They killed the Apothocarian. Leaving there they took her to the keep where the guards took over and took them all to the cleric. They then killed the cleric, the guards and the dwarf. To throw off the trail when people came asking questions. Arvid pretended to be the cleric and Glug pretended to be the apothocarian. Quickly asking questions of locals they found out two folk tales describing ways into the Keep. Cleverly using a scroll of Find the Path they got Glug to careen through a secret door in the wall. He passed through an invisible barrier though which covered him in Faerie Fire. So glowing like a torch he snuck through the Keep going up a tower, passing guards and mages taking a break from watch because of the cold weather. Then Glug did the unexpected, got nervous, and busted out the top of the tower past guards, wizards and hippogrifs and flew back to the city without planting the items. Meanwhile Arvid and Skuggi left him and convinced the old fish wife who saw them leave with the dwarf woman that she was fleeing an abusive husband. She believed them and swore to never tell a soul what she saw.

There be dragons!…Er…Wyverns anyway
A multi staged attack was used again against the wyverns. If unintentionally. You horses got the wyverns attention and were turned into breakfast, Glug was dragged off into the air by the Bull wyvern and stabbed with poison. He fended off the attack but the poison took effect and left him on the ground face down near a pile of wyvern dung. His familier, after sodomizing his unconscious form went and got help from the other two who meanwhile killed the other adult wyvern in a surprise attack where Skuggi had his death attack work a second time. The young scattered after that. Going back to get fresh horses from the elves, and tending to a slowly recovering Glug, the gang tracked the wyverns back to their lair, poisoned them with sleeping poison on fresh dead chickens, and killed all but one in a close battle. Arvid being the only one who came out in very good condition. Deciding to keep the wyvern alive they tired it up and made a sled, Arvid spent three days getting the hides off the other wyverns and they spent an arduous week getting their new pet back to the elven encampment which promptly gave them the weapons and water and told them to get it out. Taking the hint they trekked along till they got to a lumber jack encampment. Here they cajoled and bribed an agreement from the lumberjacks to keep the wyvern and milk its poison for a substantial 500gp per month. They also left the hides there and took a boat back to Cliffport with the elven letter. They later read the letter and found out it was the elves saying they want the lumberjacks out or a war might start. They sold their poison on the black market, got a reward for General Corrim’s head, and after being contacted by Stromboli again set off on their last drop.

The orcs must DIE!
Your four staged, three pronged attacks on the orc camp eventually paid off…sort of.
The death toll:
14 Orcs
1 Worg
1 Orc commander
Out of a possible 100 orcs and 10 worgs.

Still you survived by the skin of your noses. Heres how it went. Glug alerted the camp on your RECON mission by attacking the camp with aerial bombardment. Skuggi barely sneaked away before the worgs tracked him down. Skuggi and Arvid then discussed the meaning of recon with Glug. The next night, armed with a bold plan to use a dead squirrel and Mage Hand to lure a worg away, Skuggi and Arvid were caught by the worg, who then attacked them. Skuggi announces he hates dogs. After wild chasing in the woods, skuggi getting chased up a tree, and glug being the equivalent of a Star Wars Speedster through the trees, you regrouped and attacked again. This time Glug flew in and tried to scare the pack mules. He did, he set the camp on fire, set mules on fire, and got shot down by orc archers for it. Arvid brought out the big guns to save him by summoning a dire rat and a magical sword. he caused a stampede of the remaining mules and disguised himself as a charred mule corpse to get close to Glug. Skuggi dispatched a few parameter guards and then attempted to kill the orc commander, a half giant, with a death attack…it failed. The commander nearly gutted skuggi, Arvid revived Glug and started running for it. Skuggi ran for it, and glug flew to safety. That night, lost and separated, Glug was approached by a demon who agreed to be his familier. This was the same demon they had seen talking to the commander only hours before. Glug accepted and the group grew by one. The next morning the orcs were gone, packed up. Deciding to really teach them a lesson the final attack happened two days later in daylight, in an open field. Invisible, skuggi and arvid attacked the guards. Glug set more things on fire from the air. skuggi tripped on the grass before he could actually attack his guard, so still invisible he stalked in after the commander again. Arvid, not so lucky any more, was soon running for his life with forty angry orcs and a pack of worgs on his tail. Glug whisked him to safety just in the nick of time. Meanwhile skuggi saw his life flash before him as he attacked the commander with no support and 40 more orcs surrounding him. His first attack was miserably weak, his second hardly better, and using a facet of his boots magic he took a giant risk and tried a coup de gace for his third. In the end, with a lot of luck and a well timed rescue from glug, the commander was killed and the group escaped in the confusion to the tree line.

Over the river and through the woods
Once again leaving the comfort of the city the intrepid adventurers set forth to get some water. Yup, water. On the way you investigated cliff caves and burned a giant owl alive. Then you collected three eggs, Skuggi climbing 40ft free hand only to get there after the battle. Later after a week and a half’s travel you encountered a Hill Giant. After nearly dying multiple times you managed to triumph and kill the brute. Glug stole all the items from the Giant without anyone knowing. Upon finally arriving at the forest you started tracking a large lizard when you were ambushed by a group of elves. Hearing your goal they agreed to get you the water in exchange for doing them a favor. Upping the ante, Skuggi suggested you do multiple favors in exchange for the water and magic weapons. The elves agreed and set you three tasks. Kill the Wyvers in the forest. Get the Orc warband to the East to leave, and bring a letter to Cliffport to protest border infringement.

Anger issues
Attacked in the night, you successfully thwarted an assassination attempt from Garen Oseld who hired a thug to kill you…So you decided to kill Whorly instead.
After a failed attempt on Astor Whorly‘s life again, the intrepid cons came back to town, paid off the street urchins to keep going after posters and planted the claw and bottle in the mage school library.
Next was a stake out of Detective Lions and another failed attempt, this time trying to kill Lions. Skuggi was actually handcuffed and only his great tumbling skills and magic boots saved him from a life in jail.
Glug met his master Dram Warding, who sent him on a mission out of town to get him pure spring water from a Fey spring.
Glug has to give up 8 spell levels per week to their magic pool
He was assigned a master to work under, Dram Warding.
Dram can send him out to do whatever tasks he wants in return for teaching Jason more spells.
If Jason studies under him in a reasonable way, he will learn two spell levels worth of spells at his next leveling up.
Arvid and Skuggi decided to join him on Vinolo’s advice. He told them to lay low, then get him his items from the mage school. The book known as The Manual of Ink, and a painting known as Tristan’s Dreamscape.
Instead of buying horses, they invaded the Oseld Estate again, this time run by Oseld’s son. After strafing runs involving Glug flying and Skuggi being dropped on guard’s heads. They lit the house on fire, killed lots of guards and dogs, and escaped with three horses.

Info 3.0
Days characters have been played in game time: 107
Days since Jesse stole woman’s life savings: 71
Days since you attacked the kobolds first: 71
Days Chris has been a sorcerer: 60
Days since Jason has been freed the first time: 60
Days since Jason was freed the second time:22
Days since you found Black Market: 3
Days since you lost your house: 7
Days since you last moved locations: 4
Days since arriving in Cliffport: 90
Days since last run in with guards: 1
Days since Arion was left to die: 60
Days Jason has spent in captivity in game so far: 8
Days since you killed the Pirates: 49

The Big Heist
The entire third day of Harvestide was spent breaking into the bank account of Brill Steer. Failed Charm attempts. Lurking in bedrooms. Leading Guards on merry chases, and finally you put on a show. Obscuring Mist, paralysis, pants dropping, bodyguards flailing on the ground, and a daylight assassination that went off as a farce. Later with a little mind reading and a failed attempt at Glug Disguising himself as Steer you got everything in his bank account. A very prosperous day.

To celebrate Harvestide you all bought masks, Skuggi joined a naked marathon, and Glug joined a mage dual. In the first round Glug beat an out-of-luck spell caster by the name of Zain Aldev with only moderate difficulties. Aldev used mostly summoned creatures while he stayed invisible. Because of his success Glug was approached by a member of the mage school and offered a place at the school so long as he payed tuition. After his rousing success all three of you decided to celebrate by crashing a rich party. Recognizing a woman from the Judges house Arvid schmoozed with her and you all got in. From there you scattered. Glug chatted up wealthy men and made a very good impression on a wealthy merchant by the name of Trevor Mill. Skuggi seduced, got drunk, and convinced a young halfling girl to leave with him to a hotel room where she passed out and had all her belongings, even her clothing, stolen by Skuggi. Arvid convinced the woman he was with that nooky in a strangers house was a great idea. After getting her hot and bothered he abandoned her in an office and went in search of the master bedroom. He successfully unlocked a desk and stole various items. Going back to the office the woman was gone and he stole documents from a safe along with other valuables including a bank key. Having robbed this place blind they called it a night. The next day found you once again at the Mage Dual arena for Glug’s second round against none other then Oho the Mad. An epic battle that involved, bouts of fire, lightning bolts, Glug becoming blind, illusory dragons, flying, slap fights, slap fights while flying and finally Glug winning in the very last round of the fight by literal blind luck. Your bets paid off two to one.

The Black Market
While searching for another way into the Kobold lair, you got side tracked by a hidden door you found. On entering you were confronted and a struggle ensued. After escaping you ambushed a search party and got one of its members to be your advocate to become members of the Black Market. After much trouble you were all inducted into the Black market under a Gaes/Quest spell where you can’t try to harm the Market or tell others where it is. After leaving the Black Market they reconned Astor Whorly and attacked his house with a Giant tree from a Feather Token. You killed his guard, wounded him, and destroyed his house, only narrowly escaping from the Hippogriff Guards. As a reward you made another very strong enemy, and you got a half used wand of Identify.

Two sessions in one
First Skuggi was captured when the city guard used you to kill the Wickers then turned on you. He was deftly sprung from prison but only by promising Vinolo that you would get him a special item.
The next session brought you all back into the Catacombs where Glug was compelled to return. A vampire awaited you but its plans went awry and it had to run away from you. Next while you were already there you stayed in the tunnels and attacked the Kobold Tribe living there. You killed 16 of its members before Glug was nearly killed by a mobile balista they used to plug up the tunnel. You know there are many Kobolds still alive and you saw 4 ogres as well. After Glug getting plugged in the chest you all had to run away. And thats where we find you…

Bounty hunters, Mobsters and Dead drops oh my!
You started off the day completing a dead drop down at the docks, securing the items by rope under the dock.You also became the proud owners of a used fishing dingy.
The Next day you found a note telling you the next drop you have to make is at Tidewater Hold, a city barracks on the south wall. You also fund a note from Vinolo telling you a possible job awaited you.
Going to Vinolo first you heard a woman was interested in hiring you, at the place you were supposed to meet her though, a woman who had verbally assaulted you in the past fired a crossbow at you. After nearly getting trapped in a room by the woman, who turned out to be a Bounty Hunter, you interrogated her and killed her. She claimed to have been working with a fellow named Jareld Vess.
You also tracked Astor Whorly and his body guard to his house near the courthouses of the city. He refuses to work with any of you any more. But you found a man willing to identify items, albeit at a higher cost. An enigmatic and suspicious hunchback by the name of Igor.
Later, on orders from Vinolo, and with the help of a Cpt. of the city guard named Bouemont you were set us as a blacksmith shop owners to await the troublesome gang known as The Wickers. It didn’t take long before they tried to extort you, and when refused money they attacked. After a two stage battle, one at the shop, and the other at their hide out, we ended the game with Glug searching their hide out for stuff, and Arvid and Skuggi standing in the street bloody and worn.

The Death List enacted
You successfully planted items in two of the six locations you need to. One you did by pretending to be exterminators after reluctantly forgoing the idea of murdering all the chef’s so you could get hired. The other you did by, miracle of miracles, being stealthy and suave. After getting gussied up, taking dance lessons, and hiring the finest escorts in the land you partied your way to a mission well done.
To celebrate you then tracked down and assassinated Emit Beed and his wily body guard/butler. Leaving only after massive explosions, brawling in the streets, and fog shrouded demonic poses. You also did your best to once again frame Garen Oseld for a crime.
You awake at midday after sleeping in from your typical evening.

A bag full of Goodies
Upon passing through the door you didn’t find a hot dog vendor, but you did find a shit ton of corpses. As Glug correctly surmised, you had found a way into the Crypts by Temple Falls. Stromboli presented you with a bag of items you needed to get into the city and stood in silence as you started off into the dark and silent catacombs.
Part way though the crypts you passed through a familiar sensation as what guards the cities gates.
A secret message was given to all three of you.
Finally you came to a giant double set of stone doors. Glug, despite seeing there were magical protections sent Skuggi forward where he was very nearly killed by a spell.
After much poking, prodding, and spouts of fire; Arvid discovered, Skuggi solved and Glug tested, the right combination to unlock part of the door. The Skull and the Feather both need to be pointed up.
Then Glug at the others urging lit the dried out corpses on fire hoping to have the door opened from the other side, it didn’t happen and a last minute use of a scroll left them choking and coughing with smoke wafting off of you in the middle of a city street. Needless to say it got attention.
Making your way back to your home after securing the bag Stromboli gave you in the bank, you went to bed. You were once again woken by Stromboli in the middle of the night congratulating you on your success, and providing you with a bag filled with money and goods. Then he warned you the work had only started…

Escaping into the arms of Death…Well Undead at least
Glug was successfully spring from jail with great ingenuity and great expense which will leave the guards scratching their heads.
Skuggi’s past came back to haunt him in the form of a wizardy old fellow known enigmatically as Stromboli, who finally tracked them down. He needs you to get goods inside the city and perform other tasks you don’t know about.
These tasks begin with working/fighting your way into Cliffport via secret tunnels built by Garen Oseld in his attempts to raise his wife.
So far, cliffs, undead, secret doors, pit traps and magic missiles have worked to stop you.
The most notable events of the evening were:
Skuggi hiding under the bed from an old man,
Arvid rolling more 1’s then should be possible,
The creation of your list of People Who Need to Die,
And all three of you making the worlds most anti-climactic entrance into the room of undead possible.
Now you stand at a door behind which waits your destiny! Or at least something interesting, like a magic castle, nubile young dancers, or a New York hot dog vendor.

In Game Statistics 2.0
Days characters have been played in game time: 91
Days since arriving in Cliffport: 74
Days since moving into new house: 27
Days since last run in with guards: 1
Days since you last paid monthly expenses: 61
Days since Jesse stole woman’s life savings: 55
Days since you attacked the kobolds: 55
Days since Arion was left to die: 44
Days Chris has been a sorcerer: 44
Days since Jason has been free from the first time: 44
Days Jason has spent in captivity in game so far: 8
Days since you killed the Pirates: 17
Days you still have prepaid rent for: 76
Days left till next monthly festival: 16
15gp per month rent (this is paid for another
10gp per month for your bank account
10gp each per month for standard upkeep of equipment, meals, etc.

Of Money, Forgiveness and Assault
You successfully got all your goods back home and they are being sold. Though $3500 of it is still off limits (keep that in mind)
You sought out and found Sir Roderick and convinced him to send a letter explaining your innocence in some of the crimes you are accused of.
Research was done on undead, Vilez Beed and the boy Arion. The last one went poorly.
Glug drew attention to himself by beating Arion, setting his house on fire, then burning several members of a mob to death. All of this was witnessed by the city guard, who promptly captured him and stuck him in jail.
Meanwhile our other intrepid PC’s are working out a plan to get their spastic companion out of the slammer without dying or ending up in there themselves.

Attack on the Pirate Camp Redux
You have successfully beaten back your opponents on the second go around, killed Gart, killed the Burned Woman, and rescued the William A.K.A: Prisoner Dude the merchant.
You have stacked all the supplies you could into the prison cell and locked it for safe keeping.
Arvid has found a secret “door” behind an illusory wall, the door is outlined in magical writing.
Glug has burned all vestiges of the camp to the ground. Two canoes, the stuff in the cell, the pile of valuables, and whatever critters could run away, have survived Glug the Arsonist.

Attack on the Pirate Camp
All of you scattered into the woods in various directions, bleeding and in sore need of a respite. That being said…
Arvid hears the sounds of boots crashing through the woods after him as he staggers up the hillside.
Glug hears the sounds of feet pounding on the path after him as he races for the river and the two remaining boats.
Much to Skugee’s relief, the sounds of his fellow man are fading into the distance, though he can hear the roar of Gart’s voice yelling his name through the woods in anger and in desire of revenge.
The day is progressing as the sun rises and a slow rain starts to fall, keeping the woods in a perpetual half light. It is now about 6:30 am.
The first bout has been a draw.
The pirates are still alive, though weakened by a considerable amount of soldiers.
And the PC’s have been beaten back and sent running to lick their wounds.

Rescuing Glug
You got Glug back after a wild carriage race involving flying wizards, charging horses, dangling from doors at high speeds, abandoning allies, and burning helpless women.
Currently happening:
You straggle back to Esper’s at about 3pm. On two stolen horses that belong to the carriage maker.
Esper is not happy because he told you specifically not to come back here to hide.
Glug’s fingers need to be set by a healer.
Loose ends:
You left the boy to his fate on the ground.
You left the unconscious girl to burn up in the carriage
You left the carriage makers son on the street with a worthless necklace.

An Overheard Conversation
“I see your face is healing a little Devon. And your head Belshy.” Garen Oseld
“Ay, and your injuries look already healed…” Old man
“I look forward to paying that piss-ant back once he’s told us everything we need to know..” Burly man hisses
“All in due time Devon. Have you made any luck tracking down the three little shits who attacked me?” Oseld
“I’ve put out a few questions. They may be a group wanted for a great many crimes, or at least they match the descriptions well. Mostly petty theft and murder. The price on their heads is substantial.” Middle aged woman
“Good, when we capture them then we will be paid for the pleasure of killing them. I’ve made arrangements for them should they try to return. What of your other work, have you made any progress?” Oseld
“We have made some. Its been hard to pick up the pieces after Laynon’s death, and last weeks interruption didn’t help.” Old man
“Have you found his work books yet?” Oseld
“No, but I’ve managed to coax a scrying spell from a fellow student that may help.” Woman
“We still need a fifth for the circle.” Old man
“I have my ear to the ground, as should the rest of you.” Oseld
“Has anyone figured out what Laynon made that killed him?” Young man
“Something he shouldn’t have been working on at all.” Old man
“I have lost enough time and money because of him, if it is repeated I will be sure to get my expenses back from those of you here.” Oseld sounding threatening
“There is no need to be threatening, all of us here have worked hard for you for two years now. And much of our work was paid for itself thanks to your fellow merchants fears, and you know this well.” Old man still calm
“What of that boy we captured?” Burly man growls
“I’m making sure he talks…And keep an eye open for his companions when you go into the tunnels.” Oseld
“We will be more prepared to deal with living threats this time, though I still worry about Layson’s creation…” Woman
“Would you like us to bolster the defenses to the path?” Young man
“No, it seems to have worked well enough. I will add more to the tunnel into my garden though. It seems they found their way up through that tunnel. I’ll also be adding some extra precautions to the grounds. I wonder if they were only some stupid but lucky thieves? They seemed little interested in your work…” Oseld
“Its a big risk to make that assumption. It seems likely the mage boy’s companions were the ones who attacked you sir. At least from your descriptions. ” Old man
“Any group able to dispatch three of your men and dogs is a risk we need to take seriously. No matter their motivation for being here.” Young man
“Please don’t treat me like I’m an idiot…” Oseld quietly
“I…I’m sorry sir, I meant no disrespect…” Boy nervously
“I’m questioning the fellow you brought back. Go, do your work, and try to recover Laynon’s amulet, and that necklace with the severed hand. I would prefer not to purchase a new amulet for whoever fills the fifth role.” Oseld resigned
“We never found his body Oseld, some denizen of the deep probably ate his body before we discovered his death…Or whatever he made ate him.” Burly looking man a bit snidely
“You aren’t supposed to just be making monsters down there! I don’t want to find out your efforts have gone more into creating the undead then raising my wife! Now Go, I have work to attend to.” Oseld irritated
The sounds of feet shuffling, then Oseld speaking
“Come with me.”
“Yes sir.” woman’s voice

Rescuing Glug: The failed attempt
3 guards and three dogs were killed in your attempt to rescue Glug. You also attacked and injured Garen Oseld before having to retreat without your companion.
Making your battered way back to your hovel in the early morning rain, the three of you set out your plans for how to get Glug back from the clutches of Garen Oseld.
Meanwhile, Glug, sitting in the pitch dark, propped up against some crates and bags has chewed through his gag and listened to the failed attempts of his companions try to rescue him.
A day passes as you three gather information about Oseld, and Glug attempts to gather his strength for what is to come.
Jason, you gain 6 hitpoints from resting.
All three other characters gain 3 if they are missing any.
The game starts with Glug interacting with the first person he has seen since he was captured.

Introduction of Arion Thistle A.K.A “The Boy”
Jason’s new character is the boy, Arion Thistle, here is his motivation:
You’ve spent two days getting to know these guys, they left you in a dark tunnel for 15 hours once, they threaten to kill and rape your mom on a regular basis, they make your whole family sleep on a floor, and you watched three of them go into the tunnels this last time and only two come out, one of those is burned and bloody and just sent you to buy healing supplies. On the other hand, they didn’t kick you out of your home, you are used to threats and comments about your mom (as she happens to be pretty hot), and this is still way more exciting than carpentry.
You grew up on the Peninsula among the poor, the roughs and the fisherman. Strong arms, bullies and harsh bosses beat the hell out of you on a regular basis like most poor kids in the area, but you learned how to fight with your fists and feet pretty well during that time (Thus the Feat Unarmed Strike). Because of growing up here you know a little about the area and you know how to tie knots with the best of them. You also know who to talk to when you need to find out information and how to lie, schmooze, or intimidate as needed to keep your family fed. You have always been poor, but you have a strong spirit and don’t get down easily (thus the feat Iron Will). All your hard work in your early years hauling up nets for fisherman and helping your father load and unload wagons made you brutally strong. In recent years you started working as a handyman to fix small problems or make small wooden objects. Then three fellows moved into your house and a lot has changed since then…
Remember you are now playing a kid who is Lawful Good. It doesn’t mean he never does anything wrong, its just he is generally law abiding, he wants to avoid hurting most people, etc. Basically he is an average person.

Of Alignments
Given we have finally had enough games played to get a feel for your characters I decided to put down what I think you guys should have your alignment set to. If you don’t like the result or my reasoning, just let me know. None of this has drastic game implications, but last game the spell casters tried to Detect Good and obviously never found out about you guys, so it has some effect.
New alignments:
Jason Chaotic Evil, You track people down and kill them at random for personal gain. You burn buildings and tents on a whim, you are a spell caster that loves to get in there and whack people with a stick, and depending on your mood you fight to the death or avoid a fight completely.
Chris Lawful Evil, you kill and rob but you usually have a solid plan of attack and a reason. You don’t take more then makes sense for you to take and you are very methodical. Remembering to close doors, making sure to avoid blood samples, etc.
Jesse True Neutral, you kill guards, but only when they chase you, you rob, but you need to eat and pay off debts, you usually have a plan but you will do random things at times too, you steal the life savings of little old ladies, but you don’t kick families out on the street and you prevent shops from burning down.

Update on Stuff
It has been:
Game days played 41
Days since arriving to cliffport 24
Days you have been with the Dwarves 13
Moved into new house 3 days
Days since last run in with guards 1
Days since Monthly expenses were paid 11
Jason still owes 150 gp to the dwarves
Jesse still owes 65 gp to the dwarves
Chris is paid off to the dwarves
5gp per month rent
10gp per month for your bank account
10gp each per month for standard upkeep of equipment, meals, etc.
This equals 15gp per month each, aside from paying the dwarves.

Thresher Brood
Thresher Brood lady Gretchen Strew offered them 1000 gp for an Ankheg egg. She will come up with other jobs within the week.
Ankheg: 1000gp per egg, 2000gp per adult.
A live Basalisk is worth 9,000 gp.
Hippogriff: 2000gp per egg, 3000gp per chick.
Giant Eagle: 2500gp per egg, 4000gp per chick.
Giant Owl: 2500gp per egg, 4000gp per chick.
Griffon: 3500gp per egg, 7000gp per young.
Hydra: Starts at 8000gp for the basic.
Krenshar: adult 500gp, young 1500gp
Shocker Lizard: 700gp live.
Sea Lion: 4000gp live.
Stirge: 200 gp live.
Wyvern: 2000gp egg, 7000gp live.
Boars: 100gp live.
Bear, Black: 300gp live.
Bear, Brown: 700gp live.
Giant Lizard: 500gp egg, 2000gp live.
Giant Octopus: 10,000gp live.
Giant Constrictor: 200gp egg, 3000gp live.

Where it all began…
This is the Village of Fellwater, a small farming town with a mill alongside a wide slow moving river. The town gets a fair amount of traffic being close to the river and along a main trade route. Most of the towns inhabitants live out further living on farms. A low berm runs along the outskirts of the town, it looks like it was constructed for defense but has long since grown over with grass. The main buildings in town are the Mill, the Inn, and a granary for storing produce before it is shipped down river. Small river craft can be seen moving up and down the river, some obviously carrying freight, others are small fishing vessels from the town. You are standing at the North end of town when suddenly…


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