Attack Bonuses

There seems to be some confusion on Attack bonuses when we play so here is a quick guide because it can be a bit confusing.

Attack Bonuses mean your chance to hit someone, not the damage you do.

First you need to know you Base Attack Bonus (BAB) which is based on your level and class. You can look that up very quickly by finding your class, and then your level in that class. Write that down. If you multi classed look up your level in each class and add your BAB together.

Once you have your BAB look at the weapon you are using. If it is a:
Melee attack weapon add your Strength Modifier to your BAB = your Total Attack Bonus.
Ranged attack weapon add your Dexterity Modifier to your BAB = your Total Attack Bonus.

If you have a masterwork weapon add +1 to your Total Attack Bonus.

Looking over your guys sheets
Jesse, your crossbow should have a 6 for your Total Attack Bonus instead of a +3 (3 BAB according to your sheet and +3 Dex = +6)
You have a +6 on your morningstar as well but thats because you took the Feat Weapon Finesse so you could use your Dex bonus instead of your Str bonus on melee attacks with that weapon.

Jason, you should have a 4 for your Total Attack Bonus on your quarterstaff instead of a +2 (2 BAB for being a 5th level sorcerer, and 2 Str = +4)
You should also have a +5 for your Total Attack Bonus on your crossbow instead of a +1 (
2 BAB +3 Dex = +5) Note this applies to any spell with a Ranged Attack in its description, like your firing the crossbow bolt from your hand, or your Ray of Enfeeblement.

Attack Bonuses

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