Jason, I decided to write all this here so you could review it easily.

Devil’s Pact:
First, this is a home-brew spell, not official. Thats ok though, I think its cool! Second, you can only do this spell once and only on your soul. The subject of the spell has to be willing, not many people will sell their soul for you without wanting a claim on the stuff. And part of the deal is that the Devil will try to claim your soul at a time of its choosing. I will play the Devil smart, if you negotiate poorly, you might have your soul taken (and thus your character die) before you would like it to. This spell gives you 5000gp in magic items yes, but its risky as hell(no pun intended).

Mage’s Magnificent Mansion:
Great spell, but it only lasts 2 hours per caster level. And you would need to be level 14 to cast it. The scroll alone costs 2500gp, and I’m leery about letting you cast Permanency on 7th level spells. They get hella powerful. On the other hand, you guys wanted to play a game with magic linked to locations, and this qualifies as such very specifically. So I’m cool with it.
So heres the price breakdown:
2500gp for the scroll of Mage’s Magnificent Mansion. (Spellcraft DC 15+2/level above caster=27)
3000xp because thats what 7th level spells cost to make permanent.
625gp for the scroll of Permanency. (Spellcraft DC 15+2/level above caster=17)
The spellcraft checks are to see if you can successfully cast a spell above your abilities.
Alternatively you could pay someone 15,250gp to cast Permanency for you, so you don’t lose XP.
And/or 950gp + their time, for someone to cast the Mansion spell.

Mage’s Private Sanctum:
This is already an official spell and can be made permanent. So its totally cool.
1250 for the scroll of Mage’s Private Sanctum. (Spellcraft DC 15+2/level above caster=17)
625gp for the scroll of Permanency. (Spellcraft DC 15+2/level above caster=17)
2500xp cost for casting Permanency.

Ell’s Handy Homuncula:
Great Spell! Very interesting! I think its a wonderful idea, and you may even be able to find it in the Mage School Library. So here’s how I’m going to handle it.
You can only create one such creature unless you get the Leadership Feat. Then you can have one for each Follower you could acquire.
The cost is straight forward, you will need someone to make a scroll for you, 25gp.
And the Materials to make it costing 500gp.
Assembling the body requires a DC 15 Craft (metalwork) or Craft (stonework) check.
CL 1st; Ell’s Handy Homunculus, Prestidigitation; Never sold; Cost 500 gp + 25 XP

BloodBlade Necromancer:
Not an official Class. And I don’t feel I can safely start introducing non-play tested classes. I’ll look at it more though, and I’ll keep it as a possibility. For right now though I’m going to have to say they don’t exist. If it makes any difference I would have his blood lose its powers in a very short time period. It says he’s constantly dripping with it, so the effect seems to need fresh blood.

Gloves Of Throwing:
You’ll have to have them specially made. I’ll retain the right to modify how they work if they seem “broken”. The gloves only work for one type of weapon.

Dark Star:
Poorly explained, plus you would need a feat to use it.

Throwing Sword:
Its cool, but if you want to throw things you could just make it a Throwing Ax or Dagger and there are no worries about it being a weird item. If its for style though I’m fine with it. Remember though, you aren’t proficient with swords so you take a -4 when using them.

Belt of Potion Holding:
Looks cool. It costs 30,000gp and it would be very hard to find, not many people can afford that many potions let alone the belt.

Dragon Scale Pants:
Looks good, but I’m going to double the price. Unless you bring back the Dragon hide for it to be made from.

Pendant of Dragon Rage:
Not official, and it’ll be a pain in the ass to always deal with what you do. Because basically it will mean I control you for the span of that Rage.

Shadowform Ring:
I like it.

Robe of Bones:

Ring of Backup plan:
I like it. Should be somewhat easier to find. Remember, it won’t function in the city.

Soul Armor:
Its cool, but because the soul in the item has will and intelligence, you would need to take the Leadership Feat and match the Leadership score necessary to have the soul as a follower. Or use other spells to command it.


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