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A local man of wealth is wanted for questioning after an anonymous tip led investigators to a grisly discovery, necromatic experiments. Necromancy is of course illegal in Cliffport and surrounding areas. It is believed that one Garen Oseld is behind the crypt fire at Temple Falls due to his experimentation on the deceased. Two of his accomplices were captured while another is said to have vanished into thin air. Those two are scheduled for execution later this week. Also, Oseld’s son in law Emit Beed was found dead last night in his home, witnesses claim to have seen Oseld, a demon and a midget run from the building after sounds of explosions ripped through the night. Beed’s manservant was badly injured but survived the attack and claims it wasn’t Oseld who attacked him. Information on Oseld or Emit Beed’s assailants would be greatly appreciated by the Watch and well rewarded.

Several groups of adventurers have recently entered the city in preparation to celebrate Harvestide. The local authorities are trying their best to funnel their turbulent natures into something useful for the city including investigating troubling news from a small town to the West, joining the Cliffport army, looking into the strange robberies and attacks, or acting as temporary guards during the festival. Never the less, families should keep an eye on their daughter’s virtue and their son’s curiosity.

A new law is being considered to limit the sales of alcohol during the festival due to last years spectacle of several thousand nude runners streaming through the Narrows, and the illegal chariot races at Gerard’s Circle which caused major damage to Barmy Tift’s store front when a chariot wheel came loose. The boat races, gladiatorial games, mage duals and caroling are expected to go on as normal.

A local soothsayer is reported as having predicted the fall of Cliffport by mid summer. She claims she dreams of death, demons, and shadows. While known for the accuracy of many of her predictions, many disregard her as just wanting to stoke the fires of worry in the populace and earn more money from wealthy patrons who wish to maintain their positions.

A surge in the practices of the faithful of Moradin (the god of the dwarven race) has occurred of late. It has gotten the attention of other local temples because dwarves that used to frequent churches of Pelor or Garl Glittergold seem to have reconsidered their faith. A temple to Moradin has long been desired by the local dwarven population but limited space and pressure from other established temples has kept the city from allowing it.

News 2

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