News 3

In a mere two days the annual Harvestide Festival will begin! A week of feasting, drinking, and general shenanigans that the populace is in much need of given the current tense climate. Rumblings from Kaddestrie have increased steadily over the last two years as its new Magister has settled into his post. Envoys from Cliffport have only met with middling success as Kaddestie officials keep blaming Cliffport and her allies for a string of assassinations and magical disasters. It has also been reported that Kaddestrie soldiers are being armed and trained with magical items supplied by Thay. Thayan wizards set up an Enclave there six years ago and have steadily gained influence, even one of the Magisters advisers is a Thayan, though he claims to now be a citizen of Kaddestrie.

Reanald Coot is once again prickly the skin of those in the upper echelons of Cliffport society with a new play being scheduled to debut during Harvestide in two days time. Coot is known for his satire which almost exclusively mocks those of wealth and power. Some have called for his removal from Cliffport while others have called for the removal of his head. The Hegemon seems content to let him continue his plays if only because of their immense popularity amongst the lower and middle classes. This new play is supposed to use a new technique developed by Coot to exactly mimic those who he is parodying, not just their appearance as has been seen in the past, but also their voices. One would expect it to be a play about Garen Oseld’s crimes, Lieutenant Worth for his failure to catch any criminals of “Worth” lately, or Lady Tam who’s raucous parties and wealthy attendants are ripe for ridicule. No doubt whatever the plot, it will be a smashing success.

More ships have gone missing in the last month then is normal. Storms and pirates account for some problems but the ships coming from the West have suffered much higher attrition then can be explained by weather alone. Pirates may be sacking grain ships in expectation of war and high food prices, or it may have something to do with a strange light noted by some of the captains who have come back. Whoever, or whatever is causing the problem, it seems to be focused more on coastal ships then full galleons. A Cliffport armada is set to investigate, leaving after Harvestide festivities wrap up.

A recent discovery by the Watch has left citizens in the Stepped Gate district with a chill going down their spines. According to the watch several decomposing body parts were taken from a basement in the district. The parts appear to have been sewn together from various individuals. The Watch hasn’t released who lived there or any other details of the case, but interviews with those who lived nearby the house lead many to think it was the home of some of Cliffports most wanted. Descriptions provided are of a halfling, an elf and a young boy. The Watch is starting to get a lot of criticism for their lack of any successful arrests, not counting last months escape. Progress in finding Garen Oseld has also been slow with nothing interesting coming to light. It appears he has fled Cliffport and left all his estates to his son Zoim who is still currently returning from business in fabled city of Lantan. The Watch has been useful in making arrests of various members of adventuring groups in town for the festivities. One was caught stealing, another was arrested for unsanctioned dueling, still another was found impersonating a member of the Wizarding Acadamy. All have been drafted into Cliffport’s navy to work off their crimes.

News 3

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